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Surveillance Of The Environment (LP)

by Embassy 516



released May 16, 2012

All lyrics & music: Žarko Dragojević
Arrangements: Embassy 516

Tomislav Kličan - drums
Nikša Sentić - bass
Marjan Žitnik - keyboards
Žarko Dragojević - guitars, vocals, programming

Recorded and mixed in Kramasonik Studio, Zagreb;
From January to June 2011.

Producer: Hrvoje Nikšić (also appears on drum pattern: “Nora, The”)
Assistant engineer: Neven Marinac

Mastering engineer: Tom Baker
Precision Mastering Studio • Los Angeles • CA
Mastered on November 17th, 2011.

Conceptual photography: Jelena Uroda & Vanja Vučinić
Band portrait: Mara Bratoš
Booklet design & artwork: Ena Baćanović
Sunday & Monday font design: David Kerkhoff

“Surveillance Of The Environment” concept: Harold Dwight Lasswell
1st edition of CD: May 16th, 2012.; Geenger Records

All info: www.embassy516.com
Booking & management: info@poputpr.com
Music publishing & licensing: www.idmmusic.com



all rights reserved


Embassy 516 Dubrovnik, Croatia


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Track Name: An Amplitude
I'll become the souvenir,
Covered with knowledge,
At the end of the Travellers,
I will be the edge.

Am I just an industry,
Tracker in the ministry,
Where foreign leaders need to be,
Disintegrated to agree?

The high elite is colossal,
Designed to look and to act alike...

We became the dreamers with no dreams...
Track Name: Waterproof Cruising
The water changed the colour,
Turned the blue into black,
Turned the life into death,
The water turned to hollow...

Then they came to analyze,
The water turned from blue,
The water turned to black,
The water turned to hollow...

To hollow…

(Hole)...and the Sun inside,
(Whole)...is turning,
(Hole)...and the Sun inside,
(Home)...is burning.
Track Name: Post - Hoc
As I am walking by the daylight,
Clouds are wearing uniforms,
In the passion of coincidence,
Lucid eyes are formerly numb.

Where the flowers are in the dancing hall,
Decorated just to see the red...

In the mansion of dignity,
Overrated eat with the golden dish,
While the riot gear is struggled,
To control the violence.
Track Name: Souverain Bien
I put the corpse on my face,
The thought contracts the reason,
That light begins with glass and white,
It might return like hidden season.

I moan on the cloth in black clothes,
I fought for my personal silence,
Your brush, her needle, his make-up,
Foretaste indicates sour substance.

And the times passed away,
Faster than the people said,
That we will grow outside in the world...

While our hearts were so young,
And we tried to cover up,
But we were sad, we were numb, we were fucked inside...

Track Name: Harmon(l)y
In the hour of sleep I think,
All about and nothing more,
Generator in our body,
Doesn't need too much to live.

In the shrine of gasoline,
We are flame and gathering,
Still contain the rarity,
Gift to burn and then to leave

In the chapter 8 of Book,
First-aid kit is on the shell,
Social culture grows our anger,
Anger dies or it is dust?

Did you notice that we are gone,
And we didn't say goodnight /goodbye,
Did you notice that we are stood,
All upon the trivial?
Track Name: The Bees, The Beasts, The Nightmare Train
Childish faces in the hall,
Moving slowly through a corridor,
Pretty girls in purple dresses,
Purple boys on fire...

Highschool teachers used to watch,
Police, themselves - the knives you threw,
To fall, to rise, to take on you,
To see the light and hope inside...

We're the Bees, the Beasts, the Nightmare Chain,
When the silence shouts but no one's there...

I'm driving in the car with two,
With three of five, with one inside,
The boys and girls took everything,
They knew I wanted to be with you...

We're the Bees, the Beasts, the Nightmare Train,
When the silence shouts but no one's there...
Track Name: Community
(All I want...)
To see is to be,
Released from authorities...
If you have to say,
All that's on your mind...

...and because we say, all we think...
...and all we are, we are the synonim (for everything)...
...and this is where we're burning flags...
...but we're not the ones that are really bad...

Without the negative,
Censorship of community...
We have the right of first,
Amendment of the Constitution...
Track Name: A Present
I've got a present,
Covered in red paper,
Many of them seemed to be.

Something's irrational...
But everything's irrational...
Nothing's irrational...
But everything's irrational...

In this world at all, you know...
Track Name: Digital Delay
I see a different, colorful,
Way beyond our days to pull...

This girl left like a passenger,
To travel world become the messenger...

Hey... I've delayed, I'm the reason why to be afraid,
Hey... I've delayed, she's not returning,
(She's not coming back again...)

Everything that is happening,
Everything happens to everyone at the same time.

Everything that is happening,
Everything happens to everyone at the same place.
Track Name: Embassy
I see pictures, running slow,
Far enough, they want to go,
I believe that people love,
Before and after, then they die...

Remind me that i'm not alone,
Tell me you will never go,
Come here and paint my eyes,
All in black, to hide the lies...

Sing it louder...
Everything that's meant to be (me)

This is over…
Track Name: Nora, The
“Facts are stupid things”,
Believe in what you see.
If you don't have yourself,
No one can be yours.

Who will fly again...
In the burning plane?

As I’m looking through the haze upon the crapes at night,
I can see the lights begin to turn into the high,
While my hands were knitting stars from shine of broken glass,
I have always dreamt about to leave an entire sky...
(Into deny…)
Track Name: Aftermath
I've returned to the place,
That we have used to call...

...a home for us, aftermath...

We used to watch to the sky,
Now the sky is falling down on us...

But we were not there anymore...
And we won't be there anytime again...